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Announcement Of New Temple In Zimbabwe Is Exciting

Reactions of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the area


“Every time I go into a country where there’s a temple, that’s the first thing that I do is visit the temple…” (she has visited many in the western United States.)

I just love temples!  But for me, it’s been my dream.  Yesterday as we were listening to General Conference with my daughter, we were talking over the phone while we were listening, and I was like. . . You know, I can to the temple three times a day every day!

I have a vision board where I have things that I want to do in this lifetime, things that I don’t want to miss getting the opportunity, like serving in the temple, serving a mission, being present at my children’s graduation events.  There are quite a number of things including my personal achievements on a personal and business note.  The very first one is serving in the Zimbabwe Harare temple.

Missionaries, each time they come by my home ask, ‘But Sister Marange, how do you know the temple will be here while you are still alive?’  And I’m like, you know, I’ve got  a feeling . . . I get these impressions and I know I’m going to be inside the Harare, Zimbabwe temple.”


(Speaking of when President Gordon B. Hinckley, a previous Church President visited Zimbabwe)

"My dad welcomed President Hinckley at the airport, and then he had Charles, a man whom my dad brought into the church, drive.  He was then branch  president, and as they were driving past Charles said, ‘This is our chapel.’  And President Hinckley said, ‘It’s beautiful and it’s a nice place.’

Charles said, ‘Yes, but the problem is that it is so dangerous.’   (Pointing to the newer Enterprise Road that bypasses the mission office area).  And, President Hinckley said, ‘It won’t always be that way.’ 

(When asked how she felt when she first heard the news)

Oh, I jumped and shouted! I was so excited.  I’ve never screamed like that in my life.  My throat hurt for the rest of the night.  And within ten minutes, we had a hundred emails, literally, plus and we had text messages from everyone.”


"It’s the most exciting thing . . ever!  Like, this changes everything for missionary work.  At the MTC, me and my companions (there were six of us elders from America),  were all talking about how it would be so amazing, the potential for a temple in Zimbabwe.  And now, we would all love to come back for a dedication.  Then, when we got here, in Bindura, my first area, they said, 'Ah, it won’t be for a while. There won’t be a temple for at least another five to ten years.' 

"Now it was announced and I’m just . . . IT’S WONDERFUL!


“So there is going to be a temple in Zimbabwe, and I feel like there are butterflies flying in my stomach.  I feel so happy, it is so awesome!  I want to get married in it.”


"You’re asking me how I feel about the temple coming to my own motherland?  I feel that this is our season, this is our time.  In fact, last time we went to the temple in South Africa, it took us 26 hours to be in Johannesburg.  We spent more than 15 hours at the border.  So, if we can have the House of the Lord in our own land, in our own territory.  We will wait maybe three hours. 

Myself, I wait maybe 45 minutes  for a combi (vans that serve as taxies) to come.  I’m so glad to the brethren and President Monson, to you for asking my feelings, honest feelings about the announcement of a temple in Zimbabwe.  Thank you very much."


"Very excited.  In lots of ways actually. This is what it is all about.  This temple is not a blessing to just me by the Lord, but I think it is a blessing to the whole country.  All the troubles and tribulations that we are going through as a country . . . I think that will come to an end.  He has his eyes focused on Zimbabwe."

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