News Release

Harare Zimbabwe Marimba Stake Reorganization

At the beginning of the stake conference meeting, Elder Palmer explained that the change of presidency may be the first ever for many of the attending members, and then he clarified the process by which presidency changes are made.  In doing so, he referred to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ first article of faith, saying that the authority comes from God through his son, Jesus Christ.  He stated that during their process of fasting and praying, Elder Ellis and he had interviewed many worthy men, and through the influence of the Holy Spirit, they had come to know whom the Lord wanted to serve the members of the stake.

The new presidency of the Harare Zimbabwe Marimba Park Stake was announced in the Stake Conference to the attending membership. They are, President Esphonos Mataranyika,  first counselor Kenneth Madamombe and second counselor Elwyne Arthur Nyasula. 

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