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Tis the Season for Seminary and Institute Graduation in Zimbabwe

Tis the Season for Seminary and Institute Graduation in Zimbabwe

Christmas and New Year are not the only celebrations going on in Zimbabwe this season. Almost 3,000 young Latter-day Saints in every Zimbabwean stake and district graduated from Seminary and Institute in observances in chapels across the country.


Every ward and branch in Zimbabwe—78 units—offers Seminary and Institute classes taught by volunteer teachers. Seminary classes for young people ages 14 through 18 meet three-to-five times a week, and the young adults, 18-30, meet once a week. They study the scriptures and doctrines of Jesus Christ and learn mastery through instruction, class participation, and friendly competitions.

An example illustrating Seminaries and Institutes (S&I) in action is seen in the recent graduation ceremony held in the Highlands Chapel of the Harare Stake. Brother Terrify Banda, coordinator for the Harare and Bindura areas, gathered together dozens of students under the direction of priesthood leaders to hear brief talks, hand out certificates, be entertained by music and skits, and enjoy snacks.

One memorable comment by a recently returned missionary Nigel Nota was, “Sin is a simple instruction neglected.”


           Institute graduate Itayi Chimkule of the Mabelreign Ward said that the graduation was for him a “great thing, especially given all the time, distance and expense required to attend classes.” Brother Chimkule, who served a mission in his home country of Zimbabwe, remembered that his mission was a “great experience in which I was challenged to come up with new ideas to meet the goals I had set.” He is now finishing exams to study electrical engineering.

Another graduate, Kirth Chauya of the Harare Town Branch, said the graduation gave him a “very good feeling.” He also served a mission in Zimbabwe and returned home last year. He is dedicating much of his time these days to music having founded a Hip Hop rap group with his brother Andy, also a returned missionary and the bishop of his ward. “We call our group ‘Family Over Everything’ and write our own songs. We have had some gigs and hope to form our own recording label,” with a third member, also returned minssionary, and a fourth who is not LDS.

Their goal is to produce and perform their own music that is fun, popular and in harmony with LDS Church standards in every way. “We have our own style,” he said, “and we want to display it.”

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