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Water is life

...when you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service of your God....

Drilling of 51 boreholes has given several families new hope and fresh water.

As the completed boreholes were being handed over, it was a joyous moment for people in those communities who had gone without a constant supply of water for years. Oh, to see streams of water bursting skyward in their own communities!

Water is life. It is a necessity. It is a most precious resource. Yet in most part of Zimbabwe, there is an increasing shortage of this delicate supply. Many no longer expect municipal water to come out of otheir taps. In fact, very few areas receive municipal water at all. People have turned to buying borehole water from companies who are pumping out thousands and thousands of litres of precious ground water. Others queue for hours to get water from a communal well or borehole. A lot of water from water supplying dams is not reaching households because of leaking pipes and other issues. Bottled water is commonly sold everywhere now.  Most parts of Zimbabwe are experiencing water crisis. Boreholes now supplement water needs in most parts of Zimbabwe, urban and rural alike.

Besides water being equated to life, a dependable water supply is important to an economy because it contributes to economic growth.

LDS Charities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints coordinated the drilling of boreholes in the communities of Chegutu (6 boreholes), Marondera (6 boreholes), Kambuzuma (7 boreholes), Glen Norah (7 boreholes), Highfield Ward 24 (9 boreholes), Highlfield Ward 25 (14 boreholes), and Domboshawa (2 boreholes).


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